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Mastering Beauty: A 30-Year Odyssey of Glamour and Expertise with Rehana Abraham at CLENZ, Kothamangalam

Step into the world of beauty and transformation with Rehana Abraham, a seasoned beautician with over three decades of experience. From her humble beginnings at “Eves Beauty Salon” to her international journey in Kuwait, Rehana’s passion for beauty has taken her far and wide. Now back in her homeland, she brings latest trends and sophisticated solutions combining her creativity and expertise to CLENZ nestled in the rapidly evolving city of Kothamangalam, the gateway to high ranges in Kerala.

Excellence of service

Enchanting Bridal Transformations: Discover Your Radiance at Our Beauty Salon

A visit to our exquisite beauty salon promises an enchanting transformation that will leave you feeling radiant and confident. Our skilled team of professionals specializes in creating captivating bridal makeovers that capture the essence of your individuality while accentuating your natural beauty. From flawless makeup application that enhances your features to elegant hairstyling that complements your chosen bridal look, our salon is your haven for a truly remarkable and unforgettable bridal experience. Step into a world of pampering and artistry, where every brushstroke and every touch is dedicated to crafting the perfect bridal makeover for your special day


1st Floor Navaratna Building Cheriyapallythazham Kothamangalam

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